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 For those who are new, welcome to Grand Junction, Colorado! It’s a growing town on the western slope that’s a three-and-a-half hour drive from Denver and less than an hour from the Utah border.  Here, “noise and pollution levels…are less than they would otherwise be” 1 making it a great place for college students and elderly people alike.  If this seems like someplace you’d like to move to, we have a variety of neighborhoods that are unique and cater to your personal interests.


Downtown Area

Situated along the center, this part of Grand Junction is known for being “hip and trendy” 2.  With a sports stadium, pool, and an antique Main Street of interesting shops and good quality restaurants, Downtown is one area that you’ll certainly enjoy.



Further north lies a hilly place of dry desert where the Grand Junction Regional Airport is located as well as the Bookcliff Country Club.  Considered to be “one of the largest neighborhoods in Grand junction” by Dave Bradley of the local MIX 104.3 radio station, Appleton has quite the appeal.  It has the suburban feel but with a sophisticated edge.



Snuggled between the main city and Clifton, Fruitvale has several shopping centers that are clustered together for better convenience.  It also has “easy access to major highways” according to Deborah Braffett, the Mesa County Board of Realtors Director.  This means you’ll be able to travel elsewhere more efficiently than anywhere else.



At the very eastern end of the valley rests a small but bustling farming community.  Known for its peaches and wine vineyards, Palisade has a vibe that’s “friendly and down-to-earth” 3.  So if you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood with lush farmland and beautiful landscapes, this is the right place for you.


Orchard Mesa

Located southeast of the main city, Orchard Mesa contains “congenial older homes” but also “newer properties and developments” 3.  These include the Orchard Mesa Shopping Center and the brand-new Chipeta golf course.  Thus, you get a mixture of the old and new along with a great outlook of the entire town from above the Colorado River.


The Redlands

In the southwestern part of Grand Junction lies the Colorado National Monument, a magnificent landscape of red cliffs, with The Redlands at its feet.  Known as a “middle-upper class neighborhood” 4, this particular area is famous for having nice houses in outdoorsy spots.  There are also several prestigious golf courses and well-known hiking trails that are easily accessible.



On the western front near the Utah border “Small farms and horse pastures mix with prestigious homesites” 3 to create Fruita.  Places of interest include the Dinosaur Museum, Dinosaur Hill, and Highline Lake which lies further north.  A blend of rural and small-town charm, this place is definitely worth checking out.


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