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Among the various means to get your house sold, there is one that’s sometimes overlooked.  This method in question is repainting your house, which can be costly whether you do it yourself or hire professional painters.  However, studies show that changing the colors of your home not only increases its value on the market but also makes it more appealing to buyers in general.  So the extra cost could be worthwhile if you use the right paints and make a proper color arrangement that improves the house’s look overall.


Idea 1: Mix and Match

Having a variety of colors in your house is nice, so long as they fit the room or add something to it that is unique.  For instance, a new study from Zillow claims “homes with yellow kitchens command an average of $1,360 more than homes with white kitchens” (quoted in White 1).  In other words, a house with a kitchen that’s painted yellow instead of white is considered more valuable.  On the other hand, “‘food colors’—such as celery green or red—increase appetite” (Tracey 1) which would give your kitchen an appropriate feel that suits its purpose.


Idea 2: Consider Your Surroundings

Apart from the interior of the house, one should also consider how the exterior looks as well.  To make it easier on yourself, “Customize the exterior paint color…to blend in rather than to stand out” (HomeTriangle 1).  That way, you won’t have to consider painting the house a different color altogether.  Instead, concentrate on how you want others to perceive the house.


Idea 3: Go Neutral

When it comes to buyers, take into consideration that they want to feel at home right away.  So try to pick colors that aren’t too glaring or dull.  Though most salespeople would recommend painting your walls white, “Light shades of olive, tan, beige and brown are also viable options” (HomeTriangle 1).  Colors such as these will make your house seem more inviting and give the buyers a sense that they can customize their future home.


Idea 4: Don’t Be Bold

On the note of neutrality, it would be best to avoid bright colors that might give off the wrong vibe.  According to Melissa Tracy, a contributing reporter to Realtor Magazine, “the right color on a home’s walls…can trigger positive physiological and psychological responses among potential buyers” (1).  Therefore, one must be cautious when choosing colors to repaint the house with.  For instance, “some people don’t have the vision to look past a bright red wall” (Pridal 1).  Shades like this could distract buyers and make the home seem less pleasing as a result.


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