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For those looking to buy a new house on the western slope of Colorado, Grand Junction has the best options available! Because of its small size, most of the houses in this town are reasonably priced compared to bigger cities like Denver.  Grand Junction’s also becoming an increasingly popular place to live due to having beautiful landscapes that encompass the entire area.  So getting a sense of the Grand Junction housing market would be extremely beneficial to you for a number of reasons.


Current Trends in Pricing

The first thing to consider before moving to a new town is house pricing.  However, this is subject to change depending on the town’s economy and housing trends in general.  Currently, the median home sales in Grand Junction have increased by 8% while the average price per square foot has gone from $129 to $136 according to Trulia (1).  This means that homes with average pricing have increased in value along with their respective properties.  Now, there’s a greater number of homes on sale than for rent with realtor.com’s listings claiming “1,385 Homes for Sale” and “70 Homes for Rent” (1) which are pretty good odds for house buyers to consider.


Price Comparisons Between Then and Now

As stated before, the pricing on houses goes up and down in relation to the economy and the housing market.  For instance, despite a recent decline in the number of homes being sold “Houses are selling two weeks faster than last year” (WesternSlopeNow 1).  In other words, there may not be a lot of people buying houses at the moment but the demand for them has increased.  Also Phil Castle, editor for the local Grand Valley Business Times newspaper, points out “the first quarter is typically slower than the second and third quarters” (1) meaning there’s a chance for it to pick up later.


Future Marketing Predictions

In general, it’s never easy to figure out what economies will be like but there are certain patterns within them.  The fiscal calendar, for example, divides the year into ‘quarters’ which are accounted for financially.  Now, within those quarters lies a pattern or two depending on economic factors.  Such is the case for Grand Junction where there’s been an increase in real estate activity this year which could lead to “the best year for the Mesa County market in nearly a decade” (Phil 1).  So with that in mind, one should take advantage of Grand Junction’s current economy and think about possibly buying a house here.


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