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Sara Oliver River City Real Estate Agent

Sara Carlisle, Realtor iphone_blue

My goal has always been to build lasting relationships by providing top notch service and now it has expanded to a more hands on approach. As an extrovert with an analytical brain, I can understand how trends with internal and external driving forces affect the market, importance of organization and management, and how communication and relationships are essential for success. Ethical and behavioral professionalism are now ingrained in my everyday life.

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Ron Walz River City Real Estate Agent

Ron Walz, Realtor iphone_blue

I was born and raised in Grand Junction, CO. I left for Las Vegas, Nevada to go to school. While in Las Vegas I developed a passion for the food and beverage industry and worked there for about ten years. During this time Las Vegas was in the process of experiencing a Real Estate Boom and Bust that had never been seen before. I heard stories from customers that would frequent our place daily, along with personal life experiences, which peaked my interest in the exciting world of Real Estate. I began buying and selling Real Estate for myself in Las Vegas. I brought my family back to Colorado where I got my license to buy and sell Real Estate. I have been selling homes and assisting customers in the Real Estate world ever since. We enjoy being back home and everything the Colorado lifestyle has to offer.

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Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Darin Carei, Broker iphone_blue

In 1997 Darin became an original partner in Grace Homes Real Estate and Construction. As, Vice President Darin headed up the operations side of the business. As General Contractor Darin permitted and built over 1500 homes assisting his company in becoming one of, if not “the” leader in delivering entry level homes on the Western Slope of Colorado.Actively involved in building over 2 million square feet of residential space, Darin became aware of the fact that buildings were responsible for more energy consumed each year than either transportation or industry. Darin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, is a RESNET Certified National Energy Rater. Is a licensed Real Estate Broker and licensed General Contractor.Darin married his wife Tammera (Tammy) in 1986. Together they have three children; Jessica, Bryan, and Summer.Darin also has a strong desire for and a commitment to community involvement. With an emphasis to assist those humbled by fate and misfortune, Darin is active in numerous community boards and ministry outreaches both here and abroad.

Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Beatriz McPerren, Broker Associate iphone_blue

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Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Yordanka Stereva, Broker Associate iphone_blue

My name is Yordanka and I am from Bulgaria. I moved to the United States with my husband and we have a 16-year old daughter together. For 10 years we have been living back and forth between the United States and Bulgaria so our daughter could be introduced to higher education opportunities, fascinating culture and life of both of her parent’s home countries. In my home country, I graduated from law school and worked as a legal advisor in a bank in Sofia, Bulgaria. Working in two different countries is challenging but it has also given me the opportunity to learn more, see different perspectives and be able to use that knowledge in my approach to help my clients in one of the most important purchases in their life – the process of buying a home. I strive to offer a personalized and genuine home-buying or selling experience to my clients. The United States and Bulgaria are two vastly different countries, both culturally and economically, but one thing is the same – people are still people and home is always “Home Sweet Home. I pride myself in my passionate and heartfelt drive to serve my clients’ best interests. As a dedicated & knowledgeable Realtor®, I stay committed to finding the perfect fit for my clientele. I am part of a great team here at River City Real Estate, that also feels like family! I enjoy the dynamic of a locally-owned and operated office, which allows me to provide a more personalized and genuine home-buying or selling experience to my clients.

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Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Jesenia Morales, Broker Associate iphone_blue

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Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Kyle Key, Broker Associate iphone_blue

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Darin Carei Broker and owner River City Real Estate

Brittney Myers, Broker Associate iphone_blue

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